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What?, Where?, How?   Kidney 101

Most people are born with 2 kidneys.

Your kidneys are about the size of your fist and are located near the middle of your back.

Your kidneys are filters.  They filter about 200 quarts of blood each day and make approximately 2 quarts of waste each day.

The waste is urine.  It is made of water and waste products that your body naturally makes each day.

You have been told you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  What does this mean for you?

CKD means that your kidneys have been affected by a process that is decreasing the ability of your kidney to work at its very best.  In the United States, the most common processes that affect the kidneys are diabetes and high blood pressure.

CKD is common.  26 million Americans have CKD.  That is one-third of the American adult population.

Many patients with CKD have no symptoms until the disease becomes very advanced.  This is why it is so important for you and your family to have regular visits with your medical team.

If you have CKD you can do many things to help slow down the disease.

  • Know and control your blood pressure.
  • Know and control your blood sugar, if you are a diabetic.
  • Know and control the protein in your urine.  Your doctor may be able to prescribe medications to lower protein in the urine.
  • Know and control your diet.  Low salt, low fat, low cholesterol.
  • Know and control your weight.  Get regular exercise.
  • Avoid cigarette smoking and heavy amounts of alcohol.
  • See your doctor for regular visits.


The National Kidney Foundation has a lot of great information for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Visit this patient friendly site for a variety of information on CKD, high blood pressure, diet, etc.  Always remember you ask your care team at Metabolism Associates any questions or concerns.

There are 5 stages of CKD.  The table below describes each stage.  Your doctor or PA can tell you what stage you are at.

Percentage of Kidney Function
Kidney changes with normal to high % of kidney function ≥90 %


Kidney changes with mild decrease in % of kidney function 60-89 %
Moderate decrease in % of kidney function 30-59 %
Severe decrease in % of kidney function 15-29 %


Kidney failure/Dialysis <15 %

The reason there are stages of chronic kidney disease is so that we, as your care team, can monitor your progress with your kidney disease as well as to  provide you with optimal care appropriate for the stage you are at.

Remember, knowledge is power.  Know your kidneys!

Some other websites that provide patient friendly information about CKD are listed here.  You can click on the website to bring you directly to their home page.  Please remember that we at Metabolism Associates are here 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

American Association of Kidney Patients

National Kidney Foundation of Connecticut

The Nephcure Foundation

Kidney School

Nephron (a great site for patients AND clinicians)


PubMed Health CKD Education

Kidney Patient Guide  (a British site, financial aspects do not apply)

BC Renal Network

Kidney Decision Aid: (Click here for a guide for people who have, or know someone, with chronic kidney disease, and to aid in the decision about which treatment best fits into  your life.)


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